Nirmal Ghar Program

The pupose of this programm is to tranforming the Villlages namely Harpara and Madhavpur as Open Defecation Free(ODF) villages in the district of North 24 paragans,West Bengal. Beside of that we have focused on control and prevention of water born diseases also. Another Focus point of this program was HAND WASH as per Governement Health guideline as part of personal hygiene. It is true fact that these area people didn't have access to pure drinking water and they were deprived from the government facility of supply water.To overcome thsi problem we had come forward by intalling Tubewells at diffrent hamlets of these villages. these Villages were located at remore areas so they didn't get government provided power facility which was hampered their socio-economic development and it also reposbile for causing inciedents of child abuse in that area. We could ovecome it by proving portable solar lights. 


  • We have Constructed 420 household sanitation units till the date which are used by 2130 no of beneificiaries regularly.
  • We have installed 9 Nos of Tubewells at different hamlets of these villages which becoming benefecial for the 745 no of people.
  • The solar light provided to 175 nos of facmilies in the vulnerable area of the villages.


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